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Backup Generator Systems are $1800, $2400, and $4800 dollars.  Systems include 48 continuous run hours from time of engine start. Systems include delivery, recovery, CamLok ready extension power cable sets, male CamLok tails and lugs for your electrical panel, installation and removal of all temporaries to generator, plus refueling during and end of usage.

$1800 systems are 48 to 77 kw generators, $2400 systems 80 to 150 kw generators, and for the $4800 package, 200 to 300 kw generators with each system having exact length parallel cable feeders for 208-240 volt demands above 400 amps.  Systems can support Main panels having main breakers of 200, 400, 800, and 1000-1600 amps.  Larger systems can be accommodated by adding more than one generator system package.

 Multiple systems add multiple dollars accordingly.  Fuel consumed/replaced is always extra, but that’s the only extra per system.  Fuel supplied by anyone else is the end user’s monetary responsibility.  Moveable Power generator fuel tanks arrive full of diesel.  If you have arranged for someone else’s tanker to be involved, we only charge for end of usage topping of tank at completion, or as instructed.  We find pump price plus 25% is fair for replacement diesel fuel.

 Moveable Power Generator Division is a seven day, 24 hour service.  We seem to excel after 5PM on Friday and before 8AM on Monday.  What a surprise?  Nobody else seems to be as dedicated (goofy) as we are.  Cancellation, once equipment and man power in motion, is 75% of package with very few exceptions.  It’s always an “Edison” race.  Once energized, the full package amount is charged, whether it be 30 minutes or 30 hours of run time.  Always check with your Utility Company first for status of outage.

Normal reaction time for temporary energy-on completion is 2 hours from your authorization to “go”.  This is for North , West, and Northwest Chicago areas.  Informational calls to give us a “heads up” create no obligation monetarily.  Our systems and crews are dispatched on a first come, first served “GO” basis.  Billing will follow electrical back up. Everyone is on the “honor” system to start.  You have faith we are on our way; we have faith you will pay us.


Because each Situation is Different & Unique, Please call us to get the best accurate Pricing at (773) 251 – 4260 or email: MoveablePower@aol.com


When Do You Need Electric Generators Rental Services?

Business Operations:

You never would want to suffer from a power outage when running your production company, right? One of the main reasons that businesses get 3 phase generator rental, Honda generator rentals, cheap generators, gas powered generator, or commercial generators, among others, is to keep their business operational. If there’s a scheduled power outage in your location, get in touch with Moveable Power Generator Division for rental generators and guaranteed solutions.

Events and Shows:

If you think that everything’s set up, then you may be wrong. You should not compromise but rent backup generators or portable generators for your special event. Moveable Power can provide you with efficient power supply to last the event in case you meet a power outage. Being ready is better than to meeting unpleasant power outage problems. With us, you can choose from 25KW, 60KW 85 KW, 100 KW, 150KW, 200KW, 300KW, 500KW and 1000KW generators. Talk to us for help on the correct generator sizing you need.


During calamities or disasters such as fire and flood, you can depend on Moveable Power for guaranteed efficient and fast electric start generator, industrial generators and emergency generators. You can things back for your home or business to normal fast.

We’re determined to help you during disaster in a matter of only a few hours especially if you’re in the business and production sector. Our company can offer you with changeover panels, distribution boards, remote bulk fuel tanks and cabling sets.


When you’ve decided to relocate your business to another place and you need emergency backup, you don’t need to worry at all. Moveable Power can help in supplying your needed power with our electric generator rental and equipment rental that include small generators, portable generator, power generators and standby generator, among others.

Remedial Project:

You need a standby generator to ensure that your school’s remedial work will keep going on for a day or two? Our company can provide you with the generator of the right capacity and size to meet your needs. Moveable Power has the high-power three phase generator that you may need. 

Informational calls to give us a “heads up” create no obligation

Contact us for pricing and a no obligation looksee……

Because each Situation is Different & Unique, Please call us to get the best accurate Pricing at (773) 251 – 4260  We are Open 24/7!

Remember that systems and crews are dispatched on a first come, first served “GO” basis.